Meet Mika


Behind the lens

“ It’s a moment most people get only once in a life time. I get the privilege of capturing that memory in the form of a picture for you to revisit forever.”

Tharmika Nithi

Ryerson University - Image Arts (BFA)

Growing up, photography was always an escape from reality and a mask for my insecurities. I was never the most confident, but behind the lens I took on a whole different persona. The camera allowed me to truly appreciate the details in a scene and made me feel closer to myself than writing in a diary ever could. My dad bought me my first digital camera by the age of 7 and by 15 I had begun shadowing professional photographers, learning the tricks and trades of the wedding industry.

Results? Drastically life changing. As I continued to gain experience working with photographers, I decided to take my skills to the next level by attending Ryerson University for Image Arts Photography. By second year, N.V Mikaa Photography was born. Once I was done with school, it was time to go back to the place where it all started. By 2016 N.V Mikaa had entered the wedding industry as its own brand. To this date I’ve shot over 150 weddings and related events.

It’s been over 7 years but every wedding feels like the first. Every couple is special and unique. The family and friends that surround them, and the minor details make it all a new experience. Each matrimony brings me back to the 16 year old intern who teared up when she first experienced the exchanging of vows. Weddings contain moments people only get to experience once in a lifetime. I get the privilege of capturing these memories in the form of a picture, for you to revisit and cherish forever.

Today I can sit here and say I am truly blessed and grateful. Photography has made me into the woman I am today. However, I am not just a photographer. I am an artist.

Art is my language, photography being my vessel, compositions being my words, emotions and moments being the thesis.

**Just another lost soul in the name of an artist.